Peat Brown
Peat Brown
Slate Grey
Slate Grey
Cottage Red
Cottage Red

The Grampian tile is a standard flat interlocking roof tile laid half broken bonded. It provides the traditional appearance of slate and clay tiles with the security of an interlocking design and with the commercial benefits of concrete.

Size Weight Thickness
418mm x 330mm 5.4kg 30mm




Technical Information

Minimum Headlap Maximum Gauge
75mm 343mm
Minimum Pitch Maximum Pitch
75mm headlap – 22.5° 60°
100mm headlap – 17.5°
Cover Width Nail Size
300mm 50mm x 3.35mm Aluminium Nails
Tile Clip Batten Size
Standard Multi Tile Clip
fixed with a 65 x 3.35mm nail
50 x 25mm
for rafters not exceeding 600mm c/c
Covering Capacity (Tiles /m²) Weight of Tilling (kg / m²)
75mm headlap – 9.8 Tiles /m² 75mm headlap – 53 kg / m²
100mm headlap – 10.6 Tiles /m² 100mm headlap – 58 kg / m²

Packaging & Pallet Quantities

Tiles Per Pallet Weight of Pallet
192 1037kg
Tiles Per Band Weight of Band
32 157kg


All Russell Roof Tiles are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of BS EN 490 “Concrete Roof Tiles and Fittings-Product specifications” and BS EN 491 “Concrete Roof Tiles and Fitting-Test Methods”.